I’m always pretty stoked when I get the chance to review a metal rock band. In terms of contemporary music, metal sometimes seems like one of the only authentic genres. The artists tend to be less concerned with hype and superficiality and more passionate about music.

Sepsiss” is a five piece metal band, based out of Manchester New Hampshire.Their new single, “You Already Know,” was just released. It’s a high quality, high energy track that doesn’t disappoint.

It captures the ambiance of metal perfectly and the technical aspects of the song are all very solid.the energy between hard rock and, extraordinary guitar play, infectious vocal lines, yes, You Already Know is another success. It is a respectable release from an up and coming metal band. Expect to hear more from them in the future.

This is the best musical experience for a while, travel through the future. Be ready to jump into it right now:


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