Focus on Beauty in the Riot’s Latest Soulful-Single: If I Follow ft Seth Dyer


Let us introduce you to our best discovery of the day: Beauty in the Riot. Beautiful and talented, she is fresh air for the music industry.

RnB-Pop singer Beauty in the Riot has just released a new song entitled “If I Follow” featuring Seth Dyer who lays down some soulful vocals alongside Beauty in the Riot.

“If I Follow” is a new world to explore, a musical experience that will catch your attention and feelings from the first notes. The rising artist is marking a special spot in the music world.

“If I Follow” is a vibrant and addictive RnB-Pop song built over a lush production that matches perfectly with Beauty in the Riot’s alluring vocals. The song is an emotionally driven, hard-hitting song about being in a relationship where one person suffers from depression or grief. This duet between two Toronto artists paints a picture of what it can feel like on both sides of this kind of relationship.

Not only because we place Beauty in the Riot’s voice among the greatest, thanks to a flawless technique, an RnB-Pop tinted voice, but also because the song is one of the best songs we have heard for a long time. The quality melodies, the production that does not suffer from any fault of taste, the talent of the artist make the song irresistible, and perfect.

“If I Follow” is an outstanding single that demands the majority of your attention and is well worth a listen. Don’t waste a second and press play right now, it will make your world a little bit brighter :


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