At Vizdumb, we don’t only speak about artists, but also like to focus on the company from today and tomorrow. Companies like “G.A.M”, that work in the shadow to support artists.  Owned by Geert Wieland G.A.M was founded in 2017 as a  management agency and music label.

Geert Wieland has given opportunities to artists through its platform to enhance their careers. 

They started with Dutch viral artist Jacin Trill and producer Milli On Go as a solid duo. Together they experienced a lot of success in the music industry and became a household name in the Netherlands, with over 300 shows in 2 years, 5 gold records, sold-out tours, and a number one album.

In 2019 CEO Geert Wieland had the idea to expand his management agency by going abroad. He signed the promising Arizona-based rapper LXST and the versatile Dutch producer Jordan Knows. In 2020 G.A.M. signed thekidszn and Dirtyxan. It was also the year that the label was founded with the signees Jordan Knows and Young Boy Miracle.

G.A.M. is characterized by its personal approach, commitment, the development and realization of a long-term vision, and its 24/7 availability to artists and producers.

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G.A.M is a management agency and music label founded by Geert Wieland in 2017

G.A.M is a management agency and music label founded by Geert Wieland in 2017


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