From, GarageBand to Live Stages – Alt-Rock Group FiveStarSportsPicks Is Claiming Their Spot

Budding alternative group FiveStarSportsPicks continues to cement their stance within the music world. The road to success for FiveStarSportsPicks wasn’t an easy one. They had to hustle hard and go through the grind earlier in their life to break into the music scene.


The music industry has been one of those niches where thousands of artists and professionals try their luck but not all get through to attain fame and success. But some individuals have astonished everyone with their talent and working abilities within the music world to gain tremendous success. Young talent goes hand in hand with the technology, social and digital platforms that have also played a vital role in establishing themselves efficiently.


Get to know emerging indie group FiveStarSportsPicks. Listening to new melodies has always been their favourite hobby, but recently, they found themselves struggling to find fresh music that is equally soothing and engrossing. Having lost all hope the band decided to be the change by becoming a collective committed to releasing heartfelt music.


The group is originally from Idaho, but currently reside in Los Angeles and has a fortified presence within the Canadian and American music industries. Their day starts and ends with music creation, and they love to practice for long hours and create memorable music which connects with their followers.


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