“Hatemail” the new single by Jeremy Amato

 Jeremy Amato is a self-produced LA native who is pushing a multi-cultural/multi-layered artistic approach to the art realm. He engages in the production of genre-bending contemporary styles including, but not limited to, future-bass, art-pop/hip-hop, alternative, and more. He has taken on a visionary approach to blending eclectic heavyweights such as Nirvana, Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, Oliver Tree and transforming them into his own newly-defined genre.

His first single “HATEMAIL” was released along with a poignant and post-modern video representation that has come to fruition with the collaboration of talented video artists local to the LA area. The single is from his upcoming EP entitled “Yellow” which is dedicated to synesthesia, or “seeing colors” in music. Every subsequent release will dive further into this theme until all of the colors of the rainbow are complete.

Listen Now:





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