His album “Bored in Hell” immerses the audience in a true musical journey, and gives us hope in the game again. The rap bars are bouncy and flawless, the production is worthy of the greatest and brings intense, old-school but also new-school energy to our ears.

His voice has a certain beautiful innocence to it that lends an emotional purity to the music. It’s expressive and conveys real emotion, while also being soothing. Though the lyrics don’t shy away from revealing emotional vulnerability, have an underlying inspirational and ultimately empowering vibe.

It’s actually more of a multi-genre album where tracks hold individual meanings that’s expressing something deeper about the euphoric reward of being in trance and sharing a bond with his music. HighJaks’s vocal delivery is casual, cerebral, and quietly expressive.

The music industry as we know it today is a very competitive and challenging industry for emerging artists. “Bored in Hell” is also an album that has blown him after he dropped it. The rap is captivating and showcases the artist’s talent for writing perfect lyrics as he bares his soul through the song.

Indeed, musicians are no longer only supposed to create, sing, go on stage, but they must also be competent in terms of promotion to stand out from à crowded market, and our redaction helps artists in doing so.

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