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As the industry is occupied by the same names over and over, some artists are ready to rise and impose their music.

Originally we have listened to his projects before and he has never disappointed us. JJ is one of these promising artists that will make a name for himself in the international game. He showcases all his talent and creativity through his outstanding single“If I Say So”.

JJ is clearly a gifted vocalist and his dynamic voice functions as an instrument in its own right. He squeezes every last drop out of each note, guiding the song majestically. The backing music is ambient and ethereal, providing a meditative backdrop while a fresh beat keeps the action tight.  If I Say So is much more enchanting than the standard fare. It’s enjoyably hypnotic and has a chill hip-hop vibe.

At Vizdumb, we have never heard such creativity, unveiling meaningful messages that will resonate with a large audience. Everything that we need and that you will unconditionally love. So don’t waste a second and head to the link below to discover “If I Say So”.

Stream it now:

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