It’s a Deep Indie Dive. We know that the best part of any season is the music. As the world struggles to survive through a pandemic and we wave greetings to our loved ones from behind masks and glass, music may be the only thing about which to be festive. So let’s have a dig into some Indie, in the awesome composition of “IF U BELIEVE” By Sandy T.

It’s no secret that a beautiful song has the power to take you to a parallel universe, surrounded by good feelings. On a grey day in the week, when you need to set the tone, some artists are able to spread energy and positivity in your soul. “If U BELIEVE”, by The Sandy T, has this power for our greatest delight. 

The singer’s voice is also a little pleasure and blends effortlessly. This is a really sincere and innocent indie song that represents the best elements of what the genre has always had to offerThe song unveils catchy melodies between indie and  80s touches “IF U BELIEVE” is an energetic and incredibly pleasant musical journey. 

Sandy T took us by surprise with this track, but also thanks to the video she recently dropped. The musicality, the creativity, and the artistic vision: bravo, it’s a 10/10:

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mbhljd2Ke7I


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