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“No Pressure”, by JOƵIAH  [featuring MILA AKILAH], is one of the best track we’ve heard during the month. Splendid and creative, we listen to it on repeat!

From the production to the voice, we were excited to discover something different from what’s already existing. The song mixes Hip Pop, with alternative RnB vibes. It is so unique that you never get bored. JOƵIAH makes you travel through unexpected musical worlds and feelings.
“No Pressure” had a different kind of beat and rap to it. I must admit I have never heard anyone rap like this before. JOƵIAH did something completely different here and out of the norm.   That’s what creativity is all about. Being different is the name of the game and I must say JOƵIAH is most definitely different and ahead of the game.
He is also creative in his delivery, realizing when to take in a deep breath, when to pause and when to augment his flow. His transitions are suave while maintaining a regular vocal key. JOƵIAH the rapper deserves all the accolades that comes his way.
Here is how JOƵIAH would describe “No Pressure”:
No Pressure” featuring Mila.Akilah is the 1st single from my upcoming album. I wanted to make a universal song that reminds people of that special someone they met & caught an instant bonding connection, we all heard songs before and text it to that special human it reminds us of
Listen to “No Pressure”  below and draw your own conclusion.:

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