We are not going to lie, every time we receive a Hip Hop track, we are tensed! Almost afraid of what we will discover: “will it be the same unflavoured hip hop taking no risk at all?”. 
Then we discovered Phenomenal Rock with his track “Phloating” and the Indian rapper did not disappoint us at all.
Phenomenal Rock is a one-of-a-kind rapper from India and has released his debut hip-hop/rap single, “Phloating.” The single includes hyped melodies, aggressive lyrics, and smooth instrumental verses.
The artist invites us with “Phloating”, to an intense journey through life. With a generous flow and sharp words, Phenomenal Rock will make you addicted to his rap.
Phenomenal Rock wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the track all on his own, an achievement almost no one else in India can claim. Additionally, Phenomenal Rock raps in English and creates in a commercial style so unique that it’s unheard where he’s from. He is likely a rising global hip-hop star and rapper.
This guy is one of those rappers that seems this all just comes naturally to him. His delivery has an excellent flow, and he showcases an ability to reach impressive speeds when he wants to. He really has a gift for letting the rhymes roll off the tongue in quick bursts, keeping in perfect time with the beat.
Stream “Phloating” right now:
“Phloating” is available now on Spotify and all other major platforms. Keep up with Phenomenal Rock on Instagram.
Link to the single:
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  1. Phenomenal Rock is a solid artist, and "Phloating" is definitely worthy of such potential. But please keep in mind. Hip hop in India is not new by any means. Even though its reach is largely relegated to South Asian demographics, it has existed there in both the mainstream and underground for the past three decades. That fact can't be understated.

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