Monday already. We needed to find our musical motivation, something unique as music tends to become tasteless. As you know, our editorial team loves artists who think outside the box, and that’s what PRAX offers. His popular single ‘INSANE’ perfectly illustrates our point. 

The opus is creative and timeless as if frozen in time. PRAX, who makes such tracks is purely for his, explores unknown sounds, between hip-hop, and sound experiments, between hints of pop and melodic atmosphere.

PRAX’s flow is sharp and wild, raw and addictive. His recognizable haunting vocal tone perfectly completes the hard-hitting dark production, tinted by hypnotic instrumentation 

PRAX is an artist we follow for a while now. We’ve also been lucky enough to see him grow up in his field. The artist made an amazing impression with and we will make sure to follow his steps as it is certain that he will conquer a larger audience. Meanwhile, dive into his flow right now:


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