JayJayMf is our best artist of the month and probably of 2021. An outstanding artist.

“Greenlight” is his latest single, a true piece of art that gave us hope in music and creativity again. Going from sonorous beats, passing by with amazing lyrics, he unveils a unique and sincere artistic recipe, as well as a powerful energy.

He actually sings the lyrics and effectively incorporates vocal harmonies to enhance the mix. I’d estimate that this track is about a  blend of hip hop and hypnotic beats. It’s actually impressive just how many words JayJayMf manages to fit into the song without cutting corners and being repetitive. His performance is relentless and he doesn’t even bother to come up for air.

Musically, it’s very enjoyable. The song has intensity but is laid back enough to be appreciated in a low-key party atmosphere as well. Ultimately, “GREENLIGHT” is a solid and straightforward hip hop entry, smooth and polished around the edges with musicality.

The song is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms. I’d recommend you check it out, and keep your eyes peeled for other releases from this prolific artist, who already has a number of other singles under his belt.

Stream it now:



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