Leslie Jones Resumes Live-Tweeting Olympics And It’s About Damn Time

Comedian Leslie Jones resumed her spicy Winter Olympics commentary on Twitter Sunday after a public spat with NBC. (Watch the video, with some NSFW language, below.)

Her tweet on the competition in Beijing marked the end of a weeklong hiatus, after Jones had publicly accused the games’ network of trying to block her videos. The former “Saturday Night Live” star threatened to stop her comic takes on Olympics highlights for good, citing network pressure.

However, NBC Sports said the beef was the result of a “third-party error” and that Jones was free to do her social media posts.

The “Ghostbusters” star then went six days without making any Olympics observations, raising speculation about whether her rift with NBC was really patched up like the network claimed.

In her tweet on Sunday, Jones chose a clip of U.S. ice dancing pair Madison Hubbell and Zachary Donohue en route to a bronze medal in their last Olympics competition as a team. The two had never won an Olympic medal before, and their more than 10 years together included an off-ice romance that didn’t last.

So perhaps Jones, who’s been riffing on the winter and summer games since 2016, was feeling sentimental.

But when Jones saw Hubbell twirling in the air as she wrapped her hands around Donohue’s neck, her analysis wasn’t so mushy ― though maybe appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

“This is how you hang on to a dude when you be like, ‘Don’t go, motherfucker! … I don’t care, you can throw me!’” she declared. “They getting back together. I know it. I can feel it.”

She also provided some glowing coverage of the Super Bowl halftime show.

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