“Argue” by Ryan Bauer made our whole Thursday. The artist is just magnificent and confirmed their potential for creating global Hits. “Argue” is an exploration of hip-hop music and hope.

The emotion is vivid and tangible from start to finish thanks to flawless and addictive vocal performances. An amazing delivery. The robust tune is balanced by a chill atmosphere and melodic vocals. With its fresh and slightly mysterious ambiance, this is definitely the kind of jam that seems ideal for nighttime drives through the city.

This is just a solid, no-nonsense track, with robust guitars, bellowing vocals, and an assertive mix. The performances are clean and polished, on par with the kinds of authentic music brands you know and love.

The vocals are pleasant to listen to and somewhat hypnotic. This is a true hip-hop song that feels more like a genuine work of art than a consumer product. Even the beats convey this aesthetically, as it resembles more of an energetic feel and hip hop one. Production is smooth, and the mix is softly oceanic. This track is really a cut above.

Stream it now:


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