Sunday afternoon. Time for us to rest and enjoy the weekend, and “Fly” by 97BROKEN featuring HunnaV will accompany these sweet moments.

The surprising track unveils a hovering melodic-psychedelic universe that slips into your ears like a soft breeze. This melodic and creative magic offers us a pure musical moment.

In fact, this song does a nice job of keeping things dynamic by constantly changing/evolving throughout. The vocals still manage to be kind of catchy despite allowing the instrumentals to take such a prominent position in the song. “Fly”, that’s well-produced and hits all the, is the kind of track that the audience will be hooked.

While the beat is minimalist, it definitely gives the song a rhythmic, bumpin’ structure. At the times when the music does kick in, it is utilized to great effect to provide a light ambiance. This is just raw and authentic music, without any smoke and mirrors it is indeed “Fly” hype. Pretty good stuff.

“Fly” is a whole world that you must experience now: 


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