As the sun is shining on the capital and the world tries to open up again, we are more than excited to tell you that we’ve found the perfect track to accompany our summer and our musical savior is Biddeford-based artist LostBoyClay.

We discovered him thanks to his latest single “Friend Zone”, featuring Taylor Woods blessed us with a surprising track, never-heard-before. From the beginning to the end, it’s magical. LostBoyClay vocals are just magnificent for our ears and soul with unique energy and futuristic yet pure flow.

He has a naturally charismatic and attention-commanding flow, and his voice occasionally builds in intensity, corresponding with the climactic points of the songs. The rising talent delivered a summer banger entitled “Friend Zone”, where he exploits melodic beats with hints of chill rap and a strong dose of hip-hop and we are grateful to encounter it.

LostBoyClay unveils all his potential and versatility, but also his charisma and abilities to create addictive songs. We are eager for his upcoming projects for 2021. We can’t wait! 

Stream now and enjoy:


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