“BLESSED”  is a new single from hip hop artist, KING$OTO, also featuring Unodavid. What’s unique about KING$OTO song is that the song revolves around us being thankful for our blessings, which is currently needed for our mental peace.

Against the backdrop of a futuristic beat, the lyrics have a confessional quality, as the artist ruminates on how we should be grateful for life. KING$OTO gives a sincere performance. We can sense in his voice that he really does feel the emotions he’s expressing.

The songs are generally upbeat and cultivate a casually chill vibe. What I find most impressive about  KING$OTO  are the distinctive and atmospheric song intros. Musically, he sets the mood for the track “BLESSED”  its whole ambiance, being my favorite.

KING$OTO  also demonstrates some solid rhyming chops, particularly on the track BLESSED. Overall this song is a decent release with good songwriting and capable performance. The artist gets bonus points for the backing music the old-fashioned way, which not only enhances the sound but lends the song an authentic personality.

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