Making impacts with music: An interview with Dream Ki 

The music scene has been in existence for a very long time. It started in form of a different style and has evolved. There is a wide range of music in this generation and each comes with its own diverse style. Demand might be referred to as the driving force for these styles but this could not be completely true. Personalities behind these sounds, who have motives to impact lives through dishing out their songs, cannot be left behind in this credit. A bright one among the personalities is Dream Ki. Who is Dream Ki? Sounds unfamiliar? How does he intend to make an impact with music? Read more to find out about the rare and talented musician.


His background and how his journey is moving 

Dream Ki hails from Chicago and started his music journey as an artist whose sound is massively influenced by the dynamic rock genre with a touch of rapping skills. Part of what motivated his entry into the music scene is the involvement of his father as a guitarist and his sister who engaged in singing. The determining factor that served as a source of inspiration was an artist who he looked up to in his early days.

He is an upcoming artist who devotes his time to imbibe authenticity in his songs. This, he feels, puts his feelings into his songs in order to make other people relate to them. Currently, he tends toward integrating love and the art of storytelling in his songs.

His combination of different genres of music and ability to switch has created a unique path for his sound, and this makes him stand out among other artists. This makes him extremely versatile and his impact can be felt by fans and the audience during stage performances. Since the release of his first few songs, he has been hooked by artists who were motivated to collaborate with him in a bid to drop hit bangers.

The biggest challenge Dream Ki faced in the course of his career is the art of patience. Putting so much time and effort into something and not getting the traction expected can sometimes be disappointing but he affirmed that it is a part of the journey. What kept him going was knowing that he derives pleasure and passion in it, and realizes that it could make more impact on his life, his audience, and the lives of those around him.


What the future holds for Dream Ki

Dream Ki is solely after dropping music that appeals to the audience and makes them fall in love with it. He is proud of the impact music has made on his career and his personality, and wishes to broaden the horizon of others who wish to experience that impact. Results can be derived whenever consistency is put into the effort. With his consistency in sticking to the craft, he has been able to release hit tracks that make his sound remain unique in the ears of his listeners.

He has a piece of advice for every individual who is at the beginning of his/her career. This advice states “It is not a walk in the park. You are gonna fall a lot but it is how you get back up that determines how far you go.” He wished he had been given such at the start of his career but he still sees himself becoming a prominent artist in the future through his influence and style of music. He basically wants to be a huge impact through his music so as to serve as a therapy to others.


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