Meet U.S Rapper Kingpins The Upcoming Artist On Spotlight

The minute you hear his voice you will be mesmerized and hooked Kingpins starts off really slow and without any warning, his voice punches you in the face and leaves you dazed.

He is a 20 year old artist from Seattle, Washington. He is been recording music since 2016/17 and then he never stopped, He took a small break to find his sound and his vision as an artist and he came back even harder this year. 

Influenced by the world through his unique perspective, he began writing songs and composing music by the age of 16. After being introduced to the music producing program, FL Studio, Kingpins  knew he had found his niche 

He has as a matter of fact, seen the difficult times, when it comes to the issues of life. But amidst all these, he was able to hold his own by channeling his energy or will power, passion and experience into positivism through his music.

“Everybody goes through some shit, even me, and my advantage is I can put my pain over a beat and speak to people. Music relaxes me, and it’s the only thing that truly makes me happy and at peace in my head.”

We sincerely do believe he can flow better than big artist out there, he is an assassin with his lyrical talent his songs are catchy and anyone can vibe with it. Lovers of raps and good music alike will find this song pleasing to listen to, as it is unapologetically fantastic.

“I am experimenting with different styles and vibes, most of my music right now is vibey and chill to listen to, it gets stuck in your head and puts you in a good state of mind. And that’s my goal, I want to reach people when they’re down or something and have them chill out and be happy listening to my music.”

He definitely has star quality. His flow and style smell and look like stardom you all can definetely show your support to this talented artist and follow his music.



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