Kylo Violet is an artist hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. He creates music for the listeners who tend to gravitate toward songs that show emotion, and towards feel-good nature tracks.

In an area where many singers sound the same as they follow the trends, Violet delivers stand-out sounds combining soulful energetic, and refreshing melodic flow.

The young artist delivers confessions about his feelings and makes his tracks more connected to his audience. It’s a wild, roller coaster ride of emotion altogether. Musically, this is a melodic/energetic and almost relaxing song. The backing music is smooth and emits tropical vibes. Kylo’s passionate and expressive vocals give the song an added emotional jolt. 

It’s almost a crime to classify Kylo Violet in one and unique genre, as his artistic signature is unique, eclectic, but authentic and pure. That’s what we call: art and creativity. With many great inspirations to account for in this soulful music like Violet brings his tunes to a different level.

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