Our favorite project for this new weekend is “Ashes” by the self-made rapper lilconscious. The track is prolific with almost 500K streams on Spotify alone and it’s a perfect banger.

From the first notes, we knew that we were listening to something powerful. “Ashes” unveils a catchy and unique freestyle signature between chill rap and touches of melodic elements. Grooving beats and flow from the future blend together to offer an infectious single.

Unlike many rappers, he can actually sing pretty well, and his melodic delivery often incorporates strategic harmonies. His delivery style is conversational and contemplative. It’s laid back and chills, but his vocal presence is also commanding enough to assert itself and give the song a layer of intensity. 

The production is crystal clear and professional. There isn’t a bunch of autotune or unnecessary processing. The title proves to be appropriate, as the backing beat indeed has a dreamlike and ethereal quality, with its modest-paced rhythm reinforcing the correct mood of the track.

Listen and enjoy:



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