An aspiring Indian rapper/composer releases his new Rap Song “Women Empowerment”. Just perfect to start a beautiful day. This track of the day is the definition of a banger and it is thanks to the rising star DN The Musician

His latest musical gift is entitled “Women Empowerment”, a beautiful mixture of hip-hop/rap, and rhythmic beats with deep lyrics. It is addictive from start to finish, you just want to listen to it over and over, and share it with your beloved one. Be ready to dive into a soulful and meaningful musical moment thanks to the Indian rapper who has delivered the best track to accompany your Sunday night. 

We are extremely glad to have discovered him as his talent speaks for him and his work is phenomenal as he raps about genuine topics and really spreads awareness which is a noble thing that makes him different from other common artists. The music video makes the song more impactful.

Now, building on his inspiring style of fun, positivity-inspired music, the chill vibe can be seen in his new single “Women Empowerment”, the track’s title speaks for itself and the artist continues to release music at an impressive pace, signifying an artist fully comfortable within his own creative sphere. The track has all the makings of a hit, complete with lyrics that speak the simple truth.

At Viz Dumb, we are in love with his voice, but it is not possible to compare him to other rappers. He just sounds unique DN The Musician has appeared to be making a lot of noise and is not ready to slow down any time soon. A pure moment of music. Don’t waste one second, and listen to “Women Empowerment and enjoy the wonderful music video along with it now:


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