Color School is a multi-racial, multi-generational, socially conscious band from DC that mixes hippies with rappers to rep what most cities really look like. 

This single colab features music and chorus lyrics by Jerry Hergenreder on 12 string and pink paisly strat. DC rappers Renell McEwan and Ardamus Thompson crank the verses that expose the hypocrisy of the war on drugs. Color School’s original drummer from 2012 brings his Ro-go sensibilities. Percussions, bass, and violin by DC music friends Dave Mooney, Jordan Rabinowitz, and Dannon Cook, respectively.
A music video for the song was made and launched on Youtube by DC DJ, EdWord AsIs.

It’s very creative. The dynamic sounds from the array of instruments are well conducted as the chilling piece of a musical masterpiece. 
The song was inspired by something George Clinton said from the stage of the old 9:30 club in DC.  he was talking about how there is more profit in the war on drugs than there are in drugs.  He spoke if Congress had Joint Sessions. They kind of turned that into a song.  But took it a step further. Now they have the same people looking to profit from legal weed that crested the BS War On Drugs, which incarcerated and ruined the lives of so many.  That level of hypocrisy is gut-wrenching. So Renell and “Artemis” take over with their words to address the situation.
We make sure to keep an eye on him, we are sure that he will have a promising future. And believe us! We can feel it when an artist has something special.


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