We woke up this morning with the sweetest track we have ever heard this month. “my world”, by “vinn” impressed us and made our whole day thanks to a remarkable vocal performance over soulful production. 

vinn’s performance is, once again, outstanding. He has a natural and unique way to deliver the lyrics as if he was speaking right to your soul. Quite troubling and addictive at the same time. This song is definitely a chill vibe song banger where vinn talks about his past experience.

Melodies interweave gracefully with goosebump-inducing hooks. This is really top-notch songwriting, structured so well that you can genuinely feel the music affecting your emotions. The guitars are rich with robust detail and have a delightful, bell-like chime to their tone. vinns’s voice drives the song though. He’s an excellent singer and his voice exudes authentic heartland emotion. 

The artist gets bonus points for the backing music the old-fashioned way, which not only enhances the sound but lends the song an authentic personality.

 Play now :


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