Delivering introspective lyrics atop melodic production Myles Maxwell releases a new song. Myles Maxwell is what you get when you take a kid raised on hip hop and jazz in Queens, NY, move him out to the suburbs of Long Island, NY, and then a few places until he landed in Hollywood, CA.

Named “Sorry for Ghosting You”, the song is explosive and mind-blowing from start to finish. Authentic and solid melodic bars surf upon an epic hard-hitting instrumental tinted by jazz and old-school sonorities.

As we were trying to figure out what we’ll have in our ears during the week, our discovery of the day arrived at the right moment. It’s been a while that we did not have a taste of real and authentic Rock and Roll feeling and that’s what we were lucky to hear thanks to “Sorry for Ghosting You”

The artist just came to our rescue with his intoxicating single which immerses us into hypnotic guitars and electrifying rhythms. The intense vocal performance made us want to sing out loud. If we are not specialists when we are capable of recognizing the best, and ‘Sorry for Ghosting You’ is part of it. 

Myles Maxwell saved the hip-hop game, honestly! “Sorry for Ghosting You” is worthy of the greatest and it will end up integrating your best playlists. It’s playing out loud in our office:

Stream it now and enjoy:


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