On Repeat :”Hi We’re The New Kids” By Justhakid ft Whereisxan

Manhattan rapper Justhakid introduces himself to the Hip-Hop game with a new release entitled: “Hi We’re The New Kids” featuring Whereisxan.
We have to say that the promising artist chose the right track to mark the world of music. Since the first notes of the chorus, we felt that powerful energy, our head did not stop moving.
And then the verses drop. Justhakid delivers a recognizable voice, a flow that plays with your feelings and that remind us by the way of artists like Playboi Carti: Justhakid is intense and is now on repeat in our Playlists and is a must-listen.
The music sets a high bar for power and energy for these rappers to meet, but Justhakid and Whereisxan both have commanding voices that manage to be up for the challenge. Their charismatic vocal delivery even manages to increase the overall power level of the song. While the pacing of the song is fairly modest, the vocal timing is on point, and the flow is consistent. 
There’s actually a great synergy between these two artists, whose vocal presences and styles compliment each other’s well. There’s no awkwardness or obvious talent imbalances. If I didn’t know any better I would assume these two have been performing together for many years. The conversational back and forth dynamic between them just works.
Stream “Hi We’re The New Kids” now:


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