In those grey periods, it was time to give ourselves a little sweetness and love. The track you are about to discover will bless your ears and your soul.

Released by heart-winning singer-songwriter DLZ, ‘Summer’s Over’ along with his brother Brian’s magnificent guitar skills have indeed made it the best track of this new season. The fresh vibes of the track take us on a pleasant musical journey that honors nature, with sensibility and power.

The multi-talented artist delivers a true music experience in his work. His beats stand out from others in the game as they unveil a unique touch between dark and melodic sonorities. DLZ brings his soul thanks to his capacities of doing his job with such dedication.

The track is an instant, heartfelt classic. It’s touching and quietly sentimental. The music has an intricate and very personal feel, offering a small, refreshing slice of humanity to contrast the harsh world we live in. 

“Summer’s Over” is a new world to explore, a musical experience that will catch your attention and feelings from the first notes which tells a story of how we are all by ourselves at the end no matter what, and dramatically the song supports the melodic beat-intensity which accompanies the track beautifully.

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