Today, we met with our freshest discovery. He is a versatile artist, born and raised in Virginia, and he has just dropped a new project to the world: let us introduce you to Shaiva.

He is the founder and CEO of “Out The Trap ENT “ curating his own sub-genre of music called Trap Conscious Musik, blending the likes of lyrical wordplay with trap-produced instrumentals. 

We enjoyed the ethnic touches in the track “Basketball”: a beautiful dose of experimentation, creativity, and instrument mastery. Just ASTONISHING!

His voice has a certain beautiful innocence to it that lends an emotional purity to the music. It’s expressive and conveys real emotion, while also being soothing. Though the lyrics don’t shy away from revealing emotional vulnerability,’ basketball’ has an underlying inspirational and ultimately empowering vibe.

You can tell that Shaiva loves performing and the deep, creative process of songwriting. That gives the song an added layer of charm. Don’t miss this masterpiece.

Play now:


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