Ouch: Hockey Player Gets Kicked In The Face With Skates By His Opponent During A Scuffle In The Middle Of A Game!

A beer league hockey player has been suspended indefinitely and is under investigation by police after appearing to use his skate to kick his opponent. Video of the incident, which took place during an ASHL game at Scotia Barn (formerly Burnaby 8 Rinks) in Burnaby, BC, has since gone viral.

The now-suspended player was seen repeatedly punching the victim in the face prior to kicking him with his skate. The victim immediately clutched his face after the kick and fell to the ice. A teammate of the victim told Daily Hive the Hotshots player was kicked in the face, but thankfully the skate blade didn’t make contact. The victim was bleeding from the mouth and nose, and is now seeking medical attention, the Hotshots teammate said.
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