With “Devil’s Juice.” by The Toronto, Canadian-based artist Am3nn  you have the perfect vibe to accompany your week. As we are lucky to have a bit of sun this Saturday, the song blesses our day with addictive energies.

Thanks to a unique signature between RnB and pop rhythm,Am3nn ’s universe is delicious. His soulful voice is contagious and makes us want to sing out loud with him all along with the song.

The most impressive thing about this song is the singer’s artistic personality and ability to bring us into a dance that never ends. The standout track unveils his passion, his authenticity, his talent for art in general.

The single feels like it has multiple hooks, and he keeps our ears entertained with his high ranged vocal performance. With some influences from the legendary Michael Jackson, Am3nn’s ability to write for the modern music consumer is uncanny. With the help of producer Def Starz and audio Engineer Envee, Devil’s Juice is set on repeat.

Devil’s Juice will have a lot of success worldwide, we are sure of that. Promising!


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