Our favorite of the day is an upcomming release by CrisisKhan x GlitCh. We immediately fell in love: we finally found our best hip-hop track of the month. 

Flawless production made by CrisisKhan, perfect rap flow and technique, strong messages, just perfect.
The banger is from CrisisKhan’s upcoming EP “SexMoneyWar”, set to release next year on all streaming platforms. We can not wait! CrisisKhan is still here, strong and powerful. He is in our “Top 2020 artists” list and there is no doubt that he will reach higher levels.
CrisisKhan is a 25 year old American Rapper/Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and producer from Brooklyn, New York born on April 13th 1995. He fell in love with writing and producing music at 13 which eventually led to a strong passion for the craft. CrisisKhan released his first EP in April of 2019 and has been quickly acquiring recognition from his peers and support from music consumers worldwide.
CrisisKhan comes from a family of musicians. From rappers to DJs and very talented producers. He credits the musicaly inclined environment he grew up around for his decision to pursue his passion. He is self taught in the art of composing, producing, and engineering music. He considers himself a jack of all trades.
CrisisKhan has received overwhelming positive feedback and notable mentions following his EP Quarantine. His well known single “Zone” , has racked up over 80,000 streams. Known for his raw east coast style lyricism and unique flow, along with his utilization of west coast style beats CrisisKhan has amassed a large number of fans in a short period of time. He has won several contests on coast2coast, been courted by several major labels and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from curators
Growing up, his biggest musical influences were primarily New York artists such as 50 Cent and Nas. He always gravitated towards their lyricism and confidence to speak their truth unapologetically. CrisisKhan is currently working on another EP titled “SexMoneyWar” scheduled for release in the spring of 2021 . His Passion for the art, hunger for success and consistency releasing music continues to help CrisisKhan gain international attention.
Thank you for this outstanding musical moment. 
Follow CrisisKhan  ! on Instagram to keep up with him and other future releases.

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