Our daily mission is to the artists of today who will make the music of tomorrow. “Off  The Deep End” by Colby Koshi featuring crticsapproved production are part of today’s gems that we needed to share with you. Indeed, the artists offer an interesting artistic universe but above all intriguing in many ways. 

Their latest single “Off  The Deep End”  is a clever mix of experimental hip-hop and an alternative form of cinematic music with addictive vocals. Blending elements of hip-hop/rap and chill relaxing vibe, this smooth track flows in a fluid and dreamlike fashion, Colby Koshi is clearly a gifted vocalist, and his dynamic voice functions as an instrument in its own right way along with criticsapproved, they squeeze every last drop out of each note, guiding the song majestically.

The track speaks of itself to say that this sort of thing is right up at our redaction to bless ears. Like vaporwave, chillwave is just another tentacle from the genre of retro music that captures the abstract background aesthetic of a gloomy sad ambiance around.

The production is ambient and ethereal, providing a meditative backdrop while a fresh beat keeps the action tight. ‘Off  The Deep End’  is much more enchanting than standard tracks nowadays. It’s enjoyably and hypnotic and has a chill vibe. Don’t miss it.

Play Now and enjoy:


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