This is how we can describe our latest discovery: “Tax-Free”, by Tony Ro$e. You already know how much we love upcoming artists as they have something incomparable.

The rapper unveils a vanguard hip-hop approach with a unique signature. He proves that hip-hop artists can be creative! Tony Ro$e illustrates our point thanks to an outstanding and heavy flow, that perfectly matches the high-end production.

Tax Free” is a powerful hip-hop banger with addictive undertones. It unveils a mysterious, yet sexy atmosphere and haunts you from the first notes. This joint is produced by platinum producer KanielTheOne who is also responsible for songs like Chris Brown and Young Thugs “Go Crazy”

The backing music is dreamlike and ethereal, providing a reflective framework for Tony’s vocals. A slick, pulse-pounding beat keeps the action moving, while the melodies are powered by retro-futuristic synths. The music really does have an authentic sound, perfectly capturing the melodic richness and the energy that is the essence of the genre.

The audio clarity is excellent, and unlike many newer rap songs, the mix isn’t cluttered with autotune and unnecessary processing. Dive into it right now:

Play now:


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