As a music magazine, our goal is to discover the sound of tomorrow. One of our mission is to put forward artists that create out of the beaten tracks with the ability to create something different.

Well, today we did not fail and our discovery undoubtedly meets our expectations: the Half Cashed House Band land their new impressive composition “I MISS BUFFETS”, an indie-rock track, we were captivated by the rhythm, the atmosphere, and the haunting vocals. 

Filled with melancholic vibes, a unique voice, and blending strong lyrics over a rock-infused production, the mysterious artist hits the right notes on a song. We had a great and real rock time while listening to the band. With their release “I MISS BUFFETS”, the Half Cashed House Band is definitely going to make noise around their music.

The singing portions of this single once again demonstrate great technical ability. It’s not just that these guys are good singers, but the vocals are delivered creatively. They’re able to achieve sounds and tones with their voices that most people simply are not capable of. Musically, the song is sad, and as said by them “This may just be the greatest heart-break song of the 21st Century…”. Check out the official video of ‘I MISS BUFFETS’  from the link provided below:


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