We discovered CEE CEE thanks to his previous Interview. The rapper who has been very active among over the last years is back with a new outstanding single entitled “Kilowatt” featuring Odo Justo.
“Kilowatt” A  rap track with interesting and realistic lyrical content that showcases CEE CEE ’s technique and creativity. 
When we listen to “Kilowatt”, we clearly can hear that the artist’s place is among the greatest. The production is intense and epic, CEE CEE’s voice sounds unique and his flow is a storm. 
Stream “Kilowatt” now:

“Kilowatt” is that type of rap that instantly connects with you. We are proud to unveil our discussion with the young artist. 
1. Tell us about KiloWatt? And what’s the story behind it?
 Kilowatt is a high energy rap song that I made to put people in that state of mind, either they are working out, cruising and listening to it, or playing it at a party! Really just a fun song overall.
2. What makes your music unique? And how would you describe it?
What makes my music unique is that I like to address topics and stories in my songs no matter the style I’m going for. Most of my music is filled with lyrical verses that can hit home for people who have gone through it or can be hard verses that challenge the listener to really break it down!
3. Which is the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

The best moment I’ve had in my music career so far is when I had my first performance! The function was an artist showcase so I didn’t know what to expect since I never really performed anything, but with countless rehearsals and a little bit of confidence, I had a blast on the stage that night and made some cool memories. 
4. How do you balance your music with other obligations – family, friends, or work?
The way I balance my music and the rest of my obligations is that school, sports, family, and work come first since I’m a full-time student who high jumps for my university and serves at one of my local restaurants. With COVID going on I was able to make even more music since we were online. I would put making music before friends at some point, depends on the circumstance, I just really feel at ease when I’m writing and recording compared to going out. 
5. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?
If I could give any advice to any inspiring musicians I would say to learn as much as you can, try different styles out, and be patient, if you are in it for success you are in it for the wrong reason. Oh, and also be careful about scammers. 
6. If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?
 I would tell my fans that I thank them for all the support they give and to keep interacting with me! I love messaging them and getting to know who they are as an individual.
7. What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?
Currently, I’m banging out a lot of singles since I released my first project in May, but at the start of next year will likely be another project! 


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