As a music magazine, our goal is to discover the sound of tomorrow. One of our mission is to put forward artists that create out of the beaten tracks with the ability to create something different.

Well, today we did not fail and our discovery undoubtedly meets our expectations.

We discovered Scum Punk thanks to his latest offering,  “Rico Sixx” which accompanied our whole weekend! The main track of the same name sets the tone. Captivating, surprising, and an infectious alt-punk vibe. 

Thematically, the songs are dark and honest. Rich with imagery and provocative imagination, the lyrics will really confront you. The artists do not shy away from the morbid or uncomfortable. They face it head-on.

Most emerging musicians create mainstream-oriented tracks in hopes of going viral, Scum Punk stays true to themselves by delivering music truly filled with authenticity, hard-hitting beats, intense guitars, and both interesting and memorable lyricism.

Rico Sixx brings together intense and fiery themes of strength, passion, emotions, feelings and sculpts them into pieces that are guided by the foundation laid down by the fathers of Emo-rap.

His music can be described as a heartfelt story that takes your mind through a journey of deep introspection, blended with infectious beats and hooks that keep the listener coming back from more.

Stylistically, Rico Sixx’s music echoes influences from some of the greats, notably Xxxtentacion, Juice Wrld and Lil Peep.

Rico Sixx started music after being encouraged by people he looked the part of a rockstar. He quit being a regular on the streets and took music seriously.

From then on, he’s linked up with producers: THXLUKE, BelieveInAngelz, CoshMadeIt who have helped helm his sound and also collaborated with NYCL KAI on “Throw It Back” who he also went on a tour with.

He’s released three singles: Crazy, Alone and Throw It Back with NYCL KAI.

For Rico, music flows through him and manifests as a scrapbook. It serves as a journal of all of the interactions he’s had with people, moments he’s shared with them, and all the feelings associated with all the experiences life has thrown his way.

His lyrics are vivid and visceral, and stays true to the idea that storytelling comes from the heart.

Press play now:


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