In an era where Hip- hop creates clones, we were totally thrilled and surprised to discover “Won’t Stop”, by  A.K.A. The Truth. He managed to offer a pure Hip-Hop vibe.

 A.K.A. The Truth proves two things here; he is ready for the limelight, and that creativity has no limit. His music is exactly what we needed to keep believing in real music. By blending his powerful voice with cutting-edge instrumentals, he brings the music to another level of creativity and sincerity. 

“Won’t Stop” joins natural captivating beats with surrounding, ethereal synths to make a brilliant and enchanting sound, all thanks to the producer Hänz Nobe. At last, however, it’s his rapping that is answerable for the enthusiastic wizardry in this chronicle, particularly where harmonies are utilized to improve the impact of his vocals.

The track on this release is bright, upbeat, and rich with melody. A.K.A.’s vocals are dynamic and delivered with a delightful bounce. It is one of the best jam releases thus far by him, with its soulful, sparkling backbeat and hip-hop sensibilities whereby mixing and mastering the tape executed by Chris Varvaro. 

Truth’s performance on this song and others manages the perfect balance of confidence, charm, and technical skill. Do not miss this masterpiece.


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