If you are looking for new pop sensations, and pleasant melodies, don’t waste a second and listen to Boyce’s new single “FInd Me”. You will be sure to have a sweet musical moment.

Not only because we place Boyce’s voice among the greatest, thanks to a flawless technique, an RnB-Pop tinted voice, but also because the song is one of the best pop and Rnb songs we have heard for a long time. The quality melodies, the production that does not suffer from any fault of taste, the talent of the artist make the song irresistible, and perfect.

Boyce proves two things here; he is ready for the limelight, and that creativity has no limit. His music is exactly what we needed to keep believing in real music. By blending his powerful voice with cutting-edge instrumentals, he brings the music to another level of creativity and sincerity. 

“Find Me” is an outstanding single that demands the majority of your attention and well worth a listen. Don’t waste a second and press play right now, it will make your world a little bit brighter.

Press play right now:


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