Production on top, flawless vocal performance, attractive and catchy melodies, and: this is what you will find in “Tiger Queen ” by George Khouri feat Joséphine.
We’ve lately listened to a lot of Trap songs, but believe me, “Tiger Queen ” has the quality and the level required to become global.
Unique flow as well as explosive punchlines by George Khouri.We also loved the Joséphine part. The track is just surprising from the beginning to the end…
If there is a Tiger King, then there MUST be a Tiger Queen!
 A song about a love “entanglement” similar to Jada’s experience, Tiger Queen explores the mixed feelings and confusion that occur when you’re going through doubts in a relationship. The sound was inspired by Amy Winehouse and Ghostface Killah’s “You Know I’m No Good,” with a great balance of live instruments, tantalizing singing, and sick rap verses!
The song totally aroused our curiosity, and we are sure that you will feel the same:

About George Khouri
After playing Tupac’s greatest hits albums on repeat, George Khouri was determined to make music with a message. “Changes” is one of his favorite records of all time. He feels the same way about Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again.” George incorporated these vibes into his introspective records which gained him respect from FM radio stations in the DMV. This lead George to sharing the stage with Immortal Technique and other highly acclaimed artists.
Before George fell in love with rap, he fell in love with writing. His mother introduced him to the word game, “mad libs,” as a kid and he couldn’t get enough of it. As reflected in his lyrics, storytelling soon became his thing. Today, George is an accomplished writer and even has an entire comedy series that he wrote and created.
As a testament to his unparalleled work ethic, George has a hard drive with over 300 songs that he wrote, recorded, and produced.
About Joséphine
With a sultry, timeless voice reminiscent of a different era, Joséphine is a power-pop singer and songwriter. Influenced by the early greats of American Jazz & Soul (Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Dinah Washington) and Middle Eastern legends (Moein, Omid) – Joséphine is passionate about fusing both of her roots for truly iconic sound and paving the way for other young artists. Her visual album, “Love Trap: The Story” has garnered over a quarter million streams worldwide. Her most recent album, “Pretty Crazy,” was written, recorded, and produced by Joséphine in Tel Aviv and is now available on all digital platforms.


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