I/O is one of these artists who never stop surprising us all along 2020. Each release was a slap, an explosive discovery. 

We were waiting for a long-length project, and we are glad to announce that he has dropped a new EP entitled“Overthinking”.

With such a EP, the more than talented singer shows that he can create catchy songs, with a different kind of sound. His vocal line is absolutely sublime, simple but never heard. This is the perfect recipe for him to stand out from others.

The powerful vocals are delicately poised for this types of songs even as it reveals a quirky dimension. It is epic and energizing. The energy therein is contagious. The spontaneous lyrics and sounds elevates this song to a perfect level while also brightening your mood. It is intriguing as it continues to keep you enthralled while you listen to the song.

We needed something coming from the heart and love of music, what can we say… Everything is perfect. “Overhinking” is a hit:


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