Burgos is laying the groundwork for the chill-vibe genre, and his style is unique because he combines all genres together; rap, rock, R&B, pop, emo alternative all in one sound while adding a chill, moody vibe.

Now, building on his inspiring style of fun, positivity-inspired music, chill house Burgos teamed up with ITSOKTOCRY for his new single “Panic Attack.” The South Florida-based artist continues to release music at an impressive pace, signifying an artist fully comfortable within his own creative sphere. “Panic Attack” has all the makings of a hit, complete with lyrics that speak the simple truth.

Not only their music unveils the best quality and vocal performance, but the song is also dynamic as well, with frequent changes and unpredictable beats and turns throughout. There’s a good chance we’ll hear more about this style of music, as I think it fills a certain niche and seems to parallel other trends. 

At Viz Dumb, we are in love with their voices, but it is not possible to compare them to other singers: they just sound unique. A pure moment of music. Don’t waste one second, and listen to “Panic Attack” now.

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