Policy is an artist who creates music from his musical ideas and lyrics. He believes so much in creativity which is a trait found in his new release, “Echo Chambers”. He expresses his thoughts which is influenced by the reality around him in this album.
His new song titled is “The Oracle (Feat. Annastacia Monroe)”, is not just an ordinary song but one which is very unique. It is unique in its lyrics and contents.
Various instruments sets were effectively utilized this helped to harmonize the audacious vocals and sounds into a magisterial unit of euphoric euphony and delivery brings to mind, a beautiful piece of art.
You surely would get a positive vibe and an electrifying ambiance when listening to it. The theme is futuristic for lovers of hi-tech sci-fi while the thunderous beats and scintillating synths keep you in a visualizer of magic. 
The lyrics to the song underscores the totality of human emotions as it brings to the fore, the lyrical ingenuity or prowess of the group while the stupendous vocals are of firmamental dimensions as it simmers through in the background.

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