It’s no secret that a beautiful song has the power to take you to a parallel universe, surrounded by good feelings. On a grey day in the week, when you need to set the tone, some artists are able to spread energy and positivity in your soul. “Grip”, by Rayne Muzik , has this power for our greatest delight. 

The song unveils catchy melodies between electro and pop music, rocked by 80s touches. “Grip” is an energetic and incredibly pleasant musical journey. 

The singer’s voice is also a little pleasure and blends effortlessly on Rayne Muzik ’s production.

Press Play now:

We invite you to discover his music right now and to discover our conversation below:

1.Tell us about your new song ? And what’s the story behind it ? 

This song is about being there for someone in a time of crisis, when there is panic, anxiety, fear, depression there is room to heal. This year has been a wild one and we have been dealing with pain in different ways, that’s were this song formulates it’s idea , to be. Loving caring vessel to humanity.

2.What makes your music unique?  

I think any musician starts making music to share a message that is unique to them. In my case from an instrumentation point of view I like integrating the new with 80s music feel adding a film oriented musical approach. As far as lyrics they are based on experience and what other people can relate to. 

3.Which is the best moment in your musical career your most proud of ? 

I’ve been in different music projects and current ones like Rayne Muzik and By an ion ,  My best moments are the ones that give me the flexibility of continuing to be musically creative. I always feel grateful and proud of myself when a song it’s done and ready to be shared, it’s fulfilling of itself brings me joy regardless if my music will be a big hit or not, if my music is heard by the masses or by a few people I’m still grateful no matter what, music is a passion and a part of my life. It’s def a lifestyle. 

4.How do you balance your music with other obligations- family, friends, or work ?

 Now being a dad to my one year old daughter has def. change my time schedule. I think having her has really given me a different perspective musically with a new purpose on how I view my music project. It has def inspired me to leave. Trademark that when she’s older she could know me for my creative side of things. I pretty much have to make the best of my time and balance with work , family , music, friends etc. 

5.What advice will you give to inspiring musicians ? 

Every musician has a story to tell, the most exciting part is the journey not the destination , the process of it All is what counts , the sacrifices, the labor, the investment, the situation that your in. destinations always lead to new chapters. It’s all about your story unfolding as your working through it. Keep doing what you do best staying true to yourself, and enjoy creating awesome music tracks so it would never feel like work. 

6.One message to my fans what would it be ? 

I think not so much of message in particular but more of an appreciation for the love and support they give me that doesn’t go unnoticed, as far as message Its all in the music I create that they can relate to or enjoy it. 

7.What’s next for you any upcoming projects ? 

What’s next for me is to just keep creating more music content, and to hopefully collaborate with like minded talented people , with hopefully some of my favorite artist as well  , for example Majid Jordan , “ they are so dope” just throwing it out there. 


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