Our redaction is glad to introduce you to our beautiful discovery of the day entitled “Reckless”, by the talented RX featuring Linzy Collins. A promising song that you will listen on repeat.
We needed a break on that trend consisting of making music with machines and autotune. With empty lyrics and mainstream codes. Yes, we needed something coming from the heart and love of music.
The singer, songwriter now based in Seattle, Washington. In his song “Reckless”, he delivers an irresistIble vibe and we appreciate this perfect blend of genres. Delightful touches of Soul, addictive guitars, and vocal lines, “Reckless” is beautifully produced.
RX has a sweet and tender recognizable tone of voice, which makes you feel good and want to sing out loud with him. With “Reckless”, RX will make some head spin…No doubt!
He is best known for his rare, compelling voice and his guitar playing on both acoustic and electric. RX has spent his life playing in bars and wineries; and for a short time lived in LA to collaborate, write, and meet with several agencies/labels. His influences include Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and James Bay. RX has performed at several notable venues, including singing the national anthem at two NFL games, and has toured with acts such as Train, Andy Grammer, and Michael Franti.
The song is now in our Spotify playlist BEST OF THE MONTH. Discover Here:


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