Robbery Gone Wrong: Armed Thieves Get Ambushed After Pistol Whipping A 51-Year-Old Bar Worker While Trying To Steal His Car!

Marlo isn’t sure she will ever be the same after what happened to her while leaving work in the middle of the afternoon earlier this month in Minneapolis. She asked we not use her last name since her attackers are still on the loose.

It was Thursday, June 9 just after 4 p.m. when she walked outside to her car parked outside Tony Jaros’ River Garden on Marshall Street Northeast in Minneapolis. The 51-year-old has worked at the Northeast Minneapolis staple for the last 18 years. Two men in masks with their hoodies up were waiting for her.

That man then threw her to the ground in the parking lot, cocked the gun, beat Marlo, and pistol-whipped her across the head. Marlo said it appeared the gun jammed. His accomplice then walked over. It’s when Marlo says the bar’s cook just happened to be outside on a smoke break when he heard the commotion and came to her rescue.

They all tussled on the ground before one of the masked men knocked her keys away and attempted to get into the car. Marlo again got up to stop them from driving off. A group of men from the bar also joined the fight and another man pulled up in a pickup truck to help. The men all dragged the driver out of the car and onto the ground. The two thieves eventually ran off.
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