SESPOOL On His Musical Journey And His New Song “Newflash” About Pandemic

SESPOOL is an artist who has continued to evolve, in a special type of self-invented or coined genre called “pop-hop” (a mixture of pop and hip-hop). SESPOOL who was born in Bay Area and now based in San Francisco , SESPOOL is truly an ambassador of pop-hop because he sees it as a positive approach to the hip-hop world. 
Newflash is a hip hop/rock anthem by SESPOOL.The song is perfect for this pandemic It is a tonic you need when feeling down as it encourages one to get up and get going. A truism and an entity of realism. A lot of people pass through trying times whether we perceive it or not, but “Newflash” is a song that would calm the minds of people. The song encourages people not to worry about their situation and how they are perceived but to live their lives to the fullest with a lot of positivism in line with the saying “you only have one life to live”.

Vizdumb Music got a chance to ask a few questions from team and here is what they had to say.
1.Can you please tell our readers your real name as well as your stage name?
Sean E. Sullivan – SESPOOL
2.Where are you from and Where are you based?
Born and raised in the Bay Area – been living in San Francisco for the last 12 years
3.At What age did you start making music?
I started playing piano in 3rd grade, followed by percussion in the school band, then transitioned to guitar at 13. I made my first band in high school at 18, I am 32 now!
4.What genre would you consider yourself?
My music is a fusion of progressive rock, trap, and dream pop. It’s melancholic in nature but energetic as well. If I had to put it into one classification it would probably be alt pop.
5.Tell us about your latest track or Video ( what is it all about)–Please explain the concept or message.
“newsflash” is a visceral reaction to quarantine. no work to go to. no people to see. left only with yourself and what you really love, or don’t. as frightening and awful as this pandemic has been I found some enlightenment in quarantine that allowed me to focus solely on myself for the first time in my adult life. so ask yourself, what do you want?
6.If you were given a chance, which Artist would you love to perform with?
If I got to choose ANYONE it would be my favorite band of all time – Pink Floyd, but they broke up long ago so that won’t happen. Of the modern artists it would be one of my contemporary favorites – Drake.
7.Where can fans find you? List all your social media links


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