Sheesh: Armed Man Gets Fatally Shot By A Female Police Officer After Fighting Trying To Escape Arrest!

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An officer-involved shooting that left a domestic violence suspect dead was caught on video by a man who said he believes the officers were justified. The incident began just after midnight Sunday when police responded to a fight between a man and woman around SE 148th and Clinton in Portland. But when officers tried to arrest the man , whose name has not yet been publicly released, a struggle broke out followed by gunfire.

Just after the struggle begins, the suspect is on the ground with the officers on top and trying to control him. The video shows both officers have their guns holstered. It appears the suspect pulls out a gun and fires it into the air near the male officer. About 15 seconds pass between that shot, which police said was fired by the suspect, and the 6 shots that follow.

“I believe the officers in their hearts were legit trying to defend themselves,” Ponte said. “But the pistol was not in the guy’s hand at the time when she shot him 6 times” says the man who recorded the video. PPB said it is conducting an internal review of the shooting before the case goes to the Police Review Board, a group of community members, law enforcement personnel and representatives of the Independent Police Review Division.
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