Today, we invite you to discover the Independent singer/songwriter HunnaV, who is back with his new single entitled “Shine”  featuring the emerging Chicago-native SypSki, they arrive just in time to give us fresh air, a breath of hope in the world of authentic rap.

The singer has his own recipe as he unexpectedly blends an Rnb flow with a pop appeal. “Shine” has such incomparable energy! This is something you need to experiment with, an unusual and never-heard vibe. 

This avant-garde song transitions through multiple different genres throughout the song, almost as if they were moods or seasons. Production quality is smooth and offers excellent clarity. He has a stellar voice and really projects well and seems to put everything he has into every note.

The melodic pop production, HunnaV’s catchy and appealing vocal performance: everything is made to get the audience addicted. We also are in love with the lyrics, and the grooving beats are all the more, honestly, the style is nothing but refreshing!

Play now and enjoy:


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