Our focus of the day is one of the most exciting of early October. Let us introduce you to Carlisle Greaves aka Carl Keyz, who comes straight from Bowie, Maryland. 

With his latest offering entitled “Corona Blue ”, he proves that he is one of these artists who effortlessly creates with different musical genres such as Soul and touches of RnB and Blues,  “Corona Blue” unveils an outstanding vocal performance haunting elements. Just captivating.

“Corona Blue”  is about people being separated from their loved ones, but particularly separated from their lovers during the quarantine period and being on lockdown and yearning for their love and touch but unable to because of being separated by a large distance and unable to travel or come out of quarantine.

Carlisle Greaves keeps things quaint and mellow in some parts of the song, but in those moments where he reveals his voice’s true power level, your jaw will drop to the floor. This is a terrific recording. It’s mainstream audience-friendly while having enough substance and cutting edge appeal to retain artistic credibility.
Discover “Corona Blue” right now:


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