“Enough” is from far the best track of early November. 

Like many people, you may be looking for a moment of warmth on a cold day. Even if we can do nothing for you in terms of weather, we still have the possibility of delivering you a musical interlude which will allow you to get out of the moment. “Enough” by Braden Ross is what you need.

It’s been a while since we had not heard simple by touching melodies. And that’s what Braden Ross’s offers thanks to beautiful guitar notes, and a unique voice. A bit of Pop, a bit of Soul, and a lot of emotion.

Offering combinations of sensual echoes, intoxicating melodies and a tender voice, this version of “Enough” has a certain beauty and delicacy as we feel that Braden Ross puts all his heart when he sings, all his generosity. 

I love that music this artistically pure and good still exists. Let’s hope it gets the exposure it deserves.

It is out since today on all music platforms, so help yourself and make sure to discover the song now:


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